St Lucia

This month we’re all about the island that inspired Marigot Bay Bar & Café; St Lucia!

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Saint Lucia is part of the Lesser Antilles in the West Indies, on the eastern Caribbean Sea and a boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. One of the Windward Islands, Saint Lucia was named after Saint Lucy of Syracuse (AD 283 – 304) and is one of two countries in the world named after a woman (Ireland is named after the Celtic goddess of fertility Eire) and the only country named after a historical woman.


The award-winning St Lucia Distillers have been around since 1972 and are located on the west coast of the island within the Roseau Valley. Producing international brands such as Chairman’s Reserve, Bounty and Admiral Rodney, as well as local brands Denros and Marigot Bay, the distillery is open for visitors and you can book onto their Rhythm of Rum tour!


Bounty rum, “The Spirit of Saint Lucia”, was established in 1972 as the principle rum brand of St. Lucia Distillers. Bounty rum captures and conveys the island’s most dynamic and festive qualities, which stem from the island’s traditional and cultural roots.


40 ml Bounty White
20 ml Bounty Lime
20 ml Fresh Lime Juice
15 ml Honey Water

Add all ingredients to a shaker, shake
and strain into a chilled coupe.

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Chairman’s Reserve was first blended in 1999, overseen by then Chairman, Laurie Barnard, as a special project to create a fine quality rum that can represent the iconic style of St. Lucian rum.


60 ml Chairman’s Reserve Original
30 ml Rhum Clément Ambre
15 ml Rhum Clément Creole Shrubb
30 ml fresh lime juice
15 ml MONIN Orgeat
15 ml sugarcane syrup

In a mixing glass, pour Chairman’s Reserve, Rhum Clemént Ambre, Créole Shrubb, fresh lime juice, orgeat, sugarcane syrup over 2 cups of fresh crushed ice. Shake and pour un-strained into a double old-fashioned glass. Sink your spent lime shell in the drink, and garnish with a mint sprig.

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The Admiral Rodney series of award-winning rums celebrates the famous naval battle and toasts the courage and valour of British sailors who “broke the line” and vanquished the French fleet.


In St Lucia you can also come across a couple of non-rum brands, including Trois Femmes gin and the Caribbean Craft Distilling, who produce gin, vodka and eau de vie.


The local beer to St Lucia is the Piton pilsner, brewed on the south of the island by Windward & Leeward Brewing Limited but further north you can come across the Antillia Brewing Company with their production of fruity ales and their Admirable Rum Cask IPA using casks from St Lucia Distillers that previously held Admiral Rodney rum.